AIP Paleo

AIP Challenge – Day 10

An eating disorder never packs up and walks out the door… It finds a quiet, lonely, dark corner where it can hide and wait. Mine resurfaces occasionally and convinces me that eating isn’t necessary, but I push it away and force my way through it. The craved compliments are fuel, the lack of compliments are motivation. The focus of AIP is to heal the body and make it whole again, but it has helped in healing my mind, too. Being in control, but in a healthy way, means a great deal. 
Food I ate today: 

  • Apple and banana bowl with coconut and honey.

  • Apple
  • Salmon, Avocado and Baby Carrot. Salad with Apple Cider Vinegar, Olive Oil and Pink Salt. 

I’ve loved working out nearly daily and had so much energy! 
Four more days! 


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