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AIP Two Week Challenge 

So, as an experiment, despite not being known for following through on challenges like this, AIP is upon me. 

Great info on AIP here: 

Known for it’s phenomenal advantages in terms of immune system regulation, this diet is also supposed to support other areas of health, too. 

Two weeks seems appropriate as it comes with quite a few restrictions. 

So, as I’m writing this, my apartment is permeated with the heavenly aroma of bone broth and I almost can’t wait to start! 

Stay tuned! 


21 Day No-Cheat Challenge 

Eat to nourish… This phrase has captured my attention repeatedly over the years. Simple? No. Worth it? Definitely. The controversy surrounding the classification of what is ‘healthy’ will stand the test of time.’Healthy’ is an adjective, defined as being in good physical condition, not diseased and promoting good health. 

Serious stuff! Can you look in the mirror today and use ‘healthy’ as one of your adjectives? 

Three weeks, 21 days, 504 hours: the amount of time it takes to form a new habit or break an old one. Or is it? Unfortunately 21 days is not a magic number that will fix years of bad choices, but it’s definitely a positive step in the right direction. Long enough to see a change and change your way of life for the better, three weeks is a realistic goal that doesn’t seem impossible to achieve. 

On this challenge to a healthier lifestyle, the following items are to be avoided:

– Grains

– Sugar (fruit is allowed, but no fruit juice)

– Legumes (peanuts and peas are classified as legumes)

– Dairy products 

The rewards and benefits of following this eating style are endless. Weight loss, better sleep, more energy and vitality, no ‘brain fog’, stable blood sugar and blood pressure, general sense of being in control and many more… 

Exercise at least 5 minutes a day. 

Remember: EAT TO NOURISH. For the whole you. 

Good luck! 🙂