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AIP Challenge – Day 6

Today was an emotionally taxing day that left me feeling totally empty emotionally. I’m in Dubai for a night and there are temptations everywhere which lure me in and make me weak. Tonight I let myself enjoy what was available at the dinner buffet, within limits. I let myself have cauliflower in a curry tomato sauce as well as a little black pepper. I also had a little Chardonnay which instantly lifted my mood and left me laughing uncontrollably at silly jokes! I’ve decided that I’ll count this as a learning curve and go back on the straight and narrow for the rest of the challenge, followed by an AIP lifestyle with a few reintroductions. 
Food I ate today: 

  • Fruit salad 
  • Apple 
  • Green tea 
  • Buffet (AIP 90%) 

Amazing recipes I found today:

Garlicky Flatbread
Pizza Bites
Cherry Pie Bars
Pumpkin Pie

Lemon Blueberry Coffee Cake
I see a detox as soon as I’m home! 🙂


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